About Us

Sinopacific is the leader in total GPS security tracking and alarm monitoring solutions, with a global presence in more than 55 countries.

Our Dealership driven GPS solutions provide Dealerships and Manufacturers with a complete security solution for on lot assets, combined with an amazing after sales profit centre which provides up to 400 % return and a long term, residual income stream, whilst increasing dealership profits by offering a complete after sales and service interval reporting system.

Delivering full floor plan finance control at your fingertips, on lot management and providing benefits for Insurance and Finance offerings, the Sinopacific Dealership Program is a must have tool for all Dealerships and Manufacturers who want to increase interactivity with their clients and provide them with a complete security solution, enhancing your Dealerships profits and after sales servicing revenues, all for much less than the cost of a half tank of fuel.

What we work with:

and Fleet Vehicle

or Electric Scooters

Work Vehicle

and Buses

Plant & Heavy

Boats and Jetsky

Dealer Inventory Management

Full dealership branding

Plug and Play, No installation required

On/Off lot reports

Instant theft reporting and ease of recovery

Low battery report

No monthly cost to dealer

Full dealership branding

On/Off lot reports

Low battery report

No monthly cost to dealer

Plug and Play, No installation required

Instant theft reporting and ease of recovery

GPS - More Than Just Tracking

Optimise resources

Location of staff and assets can be time consuming, Sinopacific solutions can identify all assets on one easy to use interface.

Reduced operating costs

Allowing for on-time servicing, route review and improved accountability all help reduce unnecessary expenses or additional costs.

Improve efficiency

Reduction in staff time to record mileage, travel time and onsite times help to reduce overall operating expenses and improve efficiency.

Reduce fuel costs

Reduction in excess fuel usage or abuse of fuel cards can reduce your operating costs considerably.

Improved staff safety

Keeping track of driver fatigue, speed and vehicle usage help to reduce accidents and identify poor driving behaviour.

Reduce insurance costs

Many insurers provide discounts for assets fitted with GPS solutions.

Customer service

Improve customer service by providing up to date locations and estimations of arrival times.

Improved billing accuracy

Helping to provide location and duration you can verify staff hours and client billing.

Total GPS Security Solution

Insurance and finance companies all have an interest in increasing security, and will often provide premium discounts.

Provides an after sales profit centre, with dealership recurring income.

Clients get improved peace of mind.

Recurring revenue growth:

Vehicle Service Reporting

Sinopacific provides accurate and daily updates on vehicle odometer and engine hours, as well as engine and vehicle as well as DTC alerts which are reported back to the dealership warning of vehicles approaching upcoming service intervals, and requiring attention, allowing dealerships to proactively approach clients to arrange service and increase dealership service revenues.